Fair Access to Pike's Peak National Forest

The Pike's Peak Locals blog exists because the City of Colorado Springs revoked the $100 unlimited family pass in late 2008.  Under the new fee structure, it will cost a small family, or group of friends, hundreds of dollars a year to access their local mountain for recreational use.  While hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Pike's Peak each year, thus necessitating extravagances like a paved road, flavored oxygen, plastic boxes of fools gold and flush toilets -- all at 14 thousand feet, locals use lower portions of the highway simply to access their nearest National Forest.  This is not a costly activity. 

The City has grossly mis-analyzed local usage and it's fiscal ramifications.  The end result is that locals are being asked to pay extremely high fees to access the Pike's Peak National Forest.  The high cost of maintaining the heavy flow of tourists up the mountain, via a narrow corridor of City, should not be passed on to locals who simply desire to hike, ski, climb, fish or run on their nearest public lands.  If tourism is important to the City, then some tax money should come from tourism related revenues; it does not.

While it could be argued that users seeking only to hike in their local national forest should not pay a fee at all, we are asking only that the $100 unlimited family pass be restored.  Please show your support by leaving a comment on this blog.    

If you're interested in knowing the full story, please see other posts on this blog.


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  1. I used to play off Pikes Peak Highway at least once a month, year-round, when they had the $100.00 a month pass. Elk Park to the Barr Camp or even a round trip to the summit and back, Devil's Playground, backside PP hike, altitude training, fishing and so much more. This is our playground. I didn't mind the $100.00 fee, it was tolerable but 5 trips for $100.00, I guess they don't want my business. Something the city should consider is that visitors are actually safer having many of us avid outdoorsy people running around PP, we know the trails, safety and offer guidance/advice. Please bring back the $100.00 family pass for the PP Highway. Thank you. Sincerely, Tom O'Bryan and the hiking Group.