Pike's Peak Local: Jill Haight

Since Pike's Peak offers world class terrain for a variety of mountain activities, it shouldn't be too surprising to learn that some world class athletes are around. Jill Baker-Haight, a proud Pike's Peak Local and former BoarderX National Champ, spends as many days a year on the Peak as she can, particularly during the snowy season.

Jill Enjoying the Blue Sky
As always, we ask our locals to share a bit about what makes the Peak so special to them.  Jill, like many locals, has active on the Peak for her whole life. And she doesn't just obsess on the snow.  She also likes to hike, bike, fish and climb. Her favorite location on the Peak, as you might guess from these pics, is somewhere in the air just off the front of The Cornice above Glen Cove.

Some of her favorite Peak memories include scouting out hidden stashes of powder and hiking to the back bowls.  Back bowls?  I guess I need to get a tour from Jill sometime.  She also remembers the adventure of creeping into the darkness of the Oil Creek Tunnel back before it was closed up.
High Above Glen Cove

Spring skiing is coming up fast, and it should be a good season.  If you are up there, keep an eye out for Jill.  She'll probably be hucking off The Cornice.

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