Pike's Peak Local: Jimmie Dunn

Jimmie Dunn on the Peak
Jimmie can't remember exactly when he first went on the Peak, but he was establishing high altitude, cragging test pieces as early as the 70's.  Jimmie is known as one of the best climbers of his generation, and climbing on the world class Pike's Peak granite has been an integral part of his life for the last 4 decades.  He says that he likes to go up on the Peak as many as 50 times a year.  Obviously, he was a perennial family pass holder.
  What does Jimmie like about the Peak?  Lots, but he's particularly fond of days when the Springs is socked in with clouds and the Peak is completely hidden from view.  You can drive until you emerge from the clouds into a sunny, magical day.  The city and all that human stuff is down there beneath the clouds, and you and your partners are up on the pink granite cliffs, basking in the alpine sun.  These are the days that Jimmie likes.  
No Trace of Civilization

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  1. Those were the days I loved, with the man I love. I'm hoping I can afford to spend lots of those kind of days with the young boy we both love!!! Hellen